Cultural and social Center

University of Dohuk
Cultural and Social Center


The Center was established in 1992 and began its career as a permanent communication gateway between the university community and society in all segments and classes, where the atmosphere is tranquil and comfortable for guests, professors, staff and students to spend break times with the availability of the required supplies. The Center endeavors to perform and implement academic and scientific duties, activities and diverse events of nationalism and patriotism. It has goals, duties and private vision where they are reflected in the activities and the events of the center. It includes the sections of Administration, Media and Activities and IT, University Radio, Sports Hall, Driving Teaching Course, Maintenance, and Stores.

 It should be noted that the center is located on a hill overlooking the city of Dohuk, and it consists of:

1- Parlor:  It is a wide and equipped hall with stately and beautiful furniture. It receives guests in general as well as it is customized to the breaks of delegations and participants in the activities and the events inside the center. It is exploited for conducting press conferences, interviews and television programs. Moreover, it is the place to which students and professors go back due to its remarkable calmness and the availability of all technical and service supplies.

2- Halls (1-2) of Seminars: They are special, modern and quiet halls. They are well-equipped with furniture and all the technical and artistic supplies, chairs, kettledrums and platforms diction. They are used as places for making scientific, academic, literary and public cultural discussions. These halls include (60-80) seats. 

3- Halls (3-4) of Workshops: They are private, modern and equipped with the latest necessary equipment and supplies. In addition, they are equipped with beautiful furniture, benches, platforms diction and private kettledrums where they are exploited in receiving and making workshops, courses and scientific discussions, activities and various events which satisfy (80) people. 

4- Computer Hall: It is a very sophisticated hall and equipped with the latest technical requirements which include (30) sophisticated computers and special seats. These halls are used as places for the establishment of specialized, academic and scientific courses of computer.

5- Private Meetings Hall: It is a very sophisticated hall which includes (40) seats and equipped with the latest technologies and required supplies. It is used for conducting private meetings and receiving local and foreign delegates as well as it is tapped to conduct forums, important and private debates especially the scientific, intellectual and cultural ones.

6- Video Conference Hall: it is a private hall and equipped with the latest technologies in this field with the availability of the required supplies of furniture and seats. It is used to carry out discussions and private and scientific meetings where they are transported live to all over the world.

7- VIP Hall (1): It is a private hall and equipped with the latest technologies, supplies and stately furniture. It is used to receive local and foreign private official delegations.

8- VIP Hall (2): It is a private hall. It is a calm and comfortable place where local and foreign private delegations can spend there the intermission times. It includes requirements and stately furniture.

9- Sports Hall: It is a wide hall which consists of two parts. They are sophisticated and equipped with the latest and best equipment and needed sports supplies. The hall is allocated to receive professors and university staff of both sexes. It is managed by competent trainers whom have expertise in the field of sports halls.

10- Driving Teaching Course: This includes private cars and managed by trainers of highly efficiency and experience according to the required standards. These courses are held for teachers and university employees.

11- University Radio (98.3 FM): It is the real voice of the University of Dohuk, managed by specialists who have the professionalism, competence and experience in this area. It aims at bringing diverse activities and events of the university to the community through various programs and paragraphs.

12- Center Restaurant: The center has a large and comfortable restaurant which is equipped with stately and beautiful furniture with the availability of all the necessary requirements. The restaurant presents the best local folk and eastern and western dishes, prepared by chefs whom are professionals and experts in cooking and etiquettes of presentation. It has a special compartment for families. In addition, the restaurant hall is used for establishing evenings and concerts.

13- Center Gardens: The center gardens occupy a wide area. These gardens overlook the city of Dohuk which has a beautiful view at night. They are used in summer seasons as places for rest and leisure times with the availability of summer restaurant.

14- Center Duties: The center seeks to provide all the required services, in terms of administration, technique and technology, to guests and visitors through the best and easiest ways. Moreover, the center is continuous on its endeavors to organize and conduct activities and various scientific, academic, national and patriotic events. It revives occasions and establishes public and private concerts with the constant quest to open, organize, receive and establish courses and workshops and seminars. The center receives guests, visitors and delegations at day and night.

15- Center Objectives: The center aims at establishing a bridge of communication and ongoing relationships between the university, as the cultural and academic highest scientific edifice, on the one hand, and the community and its various establishments, on the other hand. It is worth mentioning that the center is continuous on his tireless efforts to strengthen the bonds of relationship and interaction between the university and the community through the provision of possible facilities and to overcome obstacles and open and expand the gates in front of all institutions and levels and Stratums of society.

16- Center Vision:  The center has a private vision for the future of work including activities, events, objectives and duties. Additionally, it works for the development of relationships between the community and the center where hopefully keeping up with the developments and ongoing changes to accommodate and fit with the desires and the requirements.