UoD Malta Campus Map
Oct. 24, 2023, 1:26 p.m.

The Map

A digital 3D guide map for a university campus is a three-dimensional graphical representation of the campus, which depicts its buildings, facilities, and grounds. This map is typically accessible through a website or mobile application and can offer various interactive features, such as search functionality using scenes and interactive floor plans of buildings. By providing a three-dimensional view of the campus, this map can help users to better understand the spatial layout of the campus and its facilities. This can be especially useful for new students or visitors who are unfamiliar with the campus. The interactive features of the map can also help users to quickly locate specific buildings or facilities on the campus. Overall, this digital 3D guide map can be an effective tool for enhancing the user experience of navigating a university campus.

This project was completed by the following survey engineers at the University of Dohuk:

  • Supervisor: Dr. Sarhat Mustafa
  • Group leader: Rawan Adam
  • Group members:
    • Arkan Omar
    • Silav Waheed
    • Hijyan Malham
    • Redir Bakhtiyar

To use the map, simply check the following steps:

◉ Use the links below or scan the QR codes to obtain the UoD map for roads.

Click here to download the UoD Map

UoD Map

◉ Download the Kubity Go application to navigate through the UoD campus.

Click here to download the Kubity Go application to navigate through the UoD campus

UoD Map App

Project Development

The aim of this project is to develop a digital 3D guide map for the University of Duhok campus to provide a helpful tool for students, staff, and visitors to navigate the campus easily. Digital 3D guide maps have been shown to play an important role in campus planning.


UoD MAp Methodology

UoD MAp Methodology 2

Project Team