2013-03-31 02:42:26


The UoD Awards Certificates to 155 Students of Postgraduate Studies

In a Annual ceremony organized under the auspices of the President of the UoD, 155 certificates were presented to students of postgraduate studies. The President , Prof. Dr.  Mosleh Duhoky, presented the awards, which comprised of one year Higher Diploma, two year Higher Diploma, MA and PhD Degrees.

The ceremony was held on the February 12, 2013. Dr. Duhoky emphasized that such ceremonies showed the significance of Higher Study programs at the UoD and also highlighted the efforts  of those people who worked hard to try to obtain higher degrees. The President also showed his enthusiasm for the development process of higher education in Kurdistan, and his support to the postgraduates whether they complete their studies at the UoD or outside the country.
Dr. Hassan Mezori, the Vice President for Scientific Affairs, said “ This postgraduates ceremony will benefit the UoD from having such a good number of graduates in different fields of studies. " He also stated  “This benefit will be seen in good administration, teaching and scientific research affairs, and for the development of scientific and academic research.”

The ceremony was attended by Deans of Faculties, academics and relatives of the graduates. They were congratulated by the President on their achievements and hard work.