2013-02-19 02:49:11


The UoD Becomes an Electronic University

For the last six months, the UoD has been busy with the establishment of an electronic university. The work consists of eleven projects and in the near future the University with all its faculties, directorates and departments will become part of the electronic university system.

Dr.Hasan Mizory, Vice President for Scientific Affairs, clarified that work had been carried out on this project, for the last six months. Dr. Mizory went on to say,” students can now download and copy all study programs via the electronic university at home and can also catch up on any work missed in lectures due to absence.” “Also through this form of learning students can take online exams each with their own password.”

Students will also be able through the electronic university to send messages to their teachers to ask questions relating to their work. If they don’t receive a reply within twenty four hours, the head of the department will be informed through a confirmation message. The next stage if no reply is given will be to the Dean of the faculty and will then carry on until the President of the university is informed.

Continuing, Dr. Mizory said, “Eight qualified staff were sent to the Arab Emirates for training on how to create an electronic library. Work is now in progress and in the near future all books and references will be available for students.” Continuing Dr.Mizory pointed out that the administrative and accounting structures are now complete and within the next month they too with be, on the electronic system, and by 2014 the University will be completely electronic making daily issues much easier for people. The admission of students, news, planning and statistics will all be done through the electronic university. Finally Dr.Mizory said, “The UoD will participate in the electronic universities conference in Kuwait in the near future”.

Mr. Hameed Khalaf from the I.T. department at the UoD said that,” this is a special system related to the Global electronic network, and even when the global network is not available it will not affect the electronic university”.