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Sports Activities 

Seeking to develop sports at the UoD, the university established its first Sporting Body in November 1995.

The university provides separate sports facilities and activities for male and female students, under the supervision of the University Sporting Body which organizes tournaments among the faculty teams in sports, such as:- football, handball, volleyball, basketball, table-tennis and chess.

At a national level, it also organizes competitions with other universities in Iraqi Kurdistan.

The central student sports body responsible for the administration of all sports championships is the Athletics Union.

Extracurricular Activities

The university arranges annual student picnics, plays, poetry reading events ,where renowned poets are invited to recite their works, talent shows performed for the general public, and the student body in addition to sports competitions. 


During the summer vacation of their third year, undergraduate students spend a month doing field work throughout Iraqi Kurdistan in order to practice their field of specialization.

These training courses apply principally to the science schools as a compulsory aspect of the student curriculum.

Each student must be supervised and guided by two specialists: the first is an academic from the school in which the student studies, while the second is an employee of the business where the student trains.

Each school department forms a committee responsible for summer training activities.