Scholarships Directorate


2013-02-21 11:01:40

Scholarships Directorate

Payman F. Tahir
Director,Scholarship Directorate
Tel: 00964 (0) 62 722 7060

The University of Duhok is committed to provide its students with opportunities to pursue their postgraduate studies and sometimes a part of their undergraduate studies at international universities. The opportunities are available through the Ministry of Higher Education Scholarship Program (HCDP) and also through the previously mentioned Erasmus Mundus program.
The Scholarship department is responsible for helping the students with the application process and the administrative issues in addition to watching the progress of their study abroad. This department directly deals with the different programs and scholarships that are available to the staff or students who are looking forward to pursuing their higher education abroad.

Main duties and responsibilities

  • Coordination between UoD and Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in Erbil and in Baghdad concerning correspondences related to scholarships and the Scholars abroad.
  • Supervise and guide the students during their application process in different programs and at different universities.
  • Advising students for their visa applications.
  • Following the progress of UoD’s scholars abroad and updating their status.
  • Maintaining a strong filing system within our office especially documents related to the scholars.

The University of Duhok has around 300 potential scholars who are studying at different centers of excellence in 25 countries, for bachelor's, master's or doctoral degrees.


Roj Farsat Ahmed
Students Advisor
Shyamaa A. Muhammad
Students Advisor