International Relations Office


2012-04-09 01:28:37

International Relations Office

    Dr.Dawood S. Saleem
    Vice President for International Relations
    Tel: +964 750 455 1344
    +964 62 722 7060
    +964 62 762 0004

The International Relations Office (IRO) exists to lead and support the University's International Strategy. It was established in 2006 and strengthened by its four departments; International Relations, Scholarship, Website and Media. It is headed by a Vice President for International Relations.

The primary responsibility of the IRO is to coordinate and promote international cooperation at the University of Duhok and to develop activities related to the internationalization of the university. The international dimension today is an integral part of the university and is reflected in all of its core areas. Participation in international academic life is an inevitable part of the university’s development, ensuring the quality and sustainability of research and higher education.

The University of Duhok continuously works to develop its position as an international university by participating in a range of international networks, international education programs and various cooperation agreements. To broaden and diversify our international scope we are open to new contacts and ready responding to initiatives proposed by potential new partners.

Involvement of the university in several international programs has brought the UoD to an international level when it comes to its international engagement and activities, and two of them are listed below. 

DelPHE-Iraq Program

An important program that the university of Duhok is involved in through its International Relations Office is the DelPHE-Iraq program where the UoD is engaged in different joint projects with different American and European Universities. The program is fully funded by the British Council to support partnership between higher education institutions in Iraq and other countries. This program aims at building capacity within higher education institutions and encouraging sustainable development.  The UoD is a partner in eight projects through this program.

Erasmus Mundus Program

The University of Dohuk is a member of the Erasmus Mundus (EM) Program, the European network program involving over 20 higher education institutions. The program has generously been supporting UoD's international engagement through sponsorship of student and staff mobility and entrepreneurship initiatives since 2007.  Through the program the UoD has gained 65 scholarships for its students and academic staff for the academic year 2007 - 2010. We are expecting new scholarships in the future. The program has resulted in new multilateral partnerships with the involved institutions.

The International Relations Office has four directorates: