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Faculty of Science and Education - Akre

Dr. Haval Saleem Tayb Dr. Haval Saleem Tayb
Dean, Faculty of Science and Education
eMail: haval.saleem@uod.ac
Tel: 00964 750 468 4627
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The faculty of Science and Education in Akre has been founded on December 14th 2009. It is one of the faculties affiliated with the University of Duhok. The faculty, together with other faculties in the region, is committed to the task of building a new educated society.

The faculty has only one school which is (The School of Basic Education), which consist of only two departments; the Department of Arabic Language and the Department of Social Studies.

The faculty strategy is to prepare the students educationally and scientifically with clear steps as in the first stage until they complete their study.
The faculty seeks to train well- qualified intermediate and secondary schools teachers through modern methods of teaching by developing their ability to access information and increasing their knowledge of their specialization.

The students are acquiring different experiences in addition to preparing them educationally and scientifically. It gives them language sciences, educational psychology for being professional teachers in the future in a way they can build the new society in Kurdistan.

The staff and the students of the Faculty are encouraged to participate in various extra –curricular activities throughout the year and gain necessary practical of experience.