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Career Development Center

Director: Peres Saeed Mohammed

Welcome to the University of Duhok Career Development Center (CDC).

Mission Statement
The Career Development Center (CDC) at the University of Duhok (UoD) aims to increase the levels of employability of University of Duhok graduates and alumni, build lasting connections to the private, public, and NGOs sector, coordinate with UoD faculties and departments to align curricula with market needs. CDC provides diverse and comprehensive programs, training and high quality employment- related services that are offered to UoD graduates and alumni to enhance their employability skills and help them in achieving their career aspirations.
Vision Statement
CDC vision is to establish a bridge and linkage between the University of Duhok (UoD) and the various businesses and organizations within Kurdistan Region, with the intention of placing skilled students in the local job market. By providing outstanding student-centric service focused on development and personal growth, the CDC aims to have 100% of participating UoD students and alumni to be better equipped for their chosen careers and to be more employable in the local recruitment market in order to arrive at their successful career destinations.
Prime Objectives
The CDC program objectives are:

  • Establish a major employment strategy to fast-track the meeting of job seekers and employers.
  • Increase the levels of employability by finding job opportunities for University of Duhok students and alumni primarily in private sector
  • Create an information network to help private sector companies and organizations to access the talented and skillful students and alumni of University of Duhok.
  • Highlight the importance of Career Development Center and its services by creating opportunities that bring everyone together.
  • Raise the voice of employment rights and benefits in private sectors as it is offered in public sectors.
  • Link education with business and industry to support School-to-Job transition.
  • Obtain feedback from diversified businesses and industries to reform and enhance the process of curriculum development within University of Duhok.

Advice and Guidance

We are always here to assist you find the right employment opportunity, choose a fruitful career or enhance your employability for success while at the University of Duhok.
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