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e-Learning Centre


Dr. Senan Alkaaby

Center‘s Vision
Create a system creative scientific research system that based on innovation, built on the needs of the market and society, and is responsible for finding solutions to the problems of scientific and applied research in the field of informational technology in addition to working to raise the level of scientific and cognitive for individuals and institutions down to the advanced informational society.

Center‘s Message
The focus of the message of the Centre to provide scientific solutions in the field of informational technology and the creation of a large and sophisticated base of researchers in addition to meet the needs of the university and the market and community with the informational technology services and the creation of an informational cadre specialist at a high level of professionalism.

Center’s objectives
• The advancement of the University's website in the field of informational technology by encouraging and monitoring and providing technical support and solutions for researchers.
• The development of electronic infrastructure for the UoD  to get into the integrated electronic University.
•The development of the professional skills of employees of the UoD  and all who want to develop their skills of employees of government departments and the private sector through the organization of training courses in the field of informational technology.
• Developing the methods and means of e-learning.
• The establishment of the specialized and advanced research units in the different branches of informational technologies.
• Recruitment and organization to take advantage from informational technology to all the authorities and agencies that contribute in making decision by providing technical consultancy.
• Exchange of experience through scientific contract agreements with corresponding bodies and institutions.

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