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Scientific Research Center/Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry


Dr. Ahmed Salih Khalaf

The center was established by the University of Duhok decree No. 2144 on March 30, 2011 at the Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry. The justification of this center is to coordinate and regulate the registration and follow up the research process that is carried out at all schools and departments of the faculty or joint projects with other institutes and to provide the functional support needed.

The center will point out the laboratories that are required for research work and furnish these laboratories with equipment and chemicals that are needed to promote academic staff and postgraduate students to work at the center.

Furthermore, it will supervise the field researches and coordinate with relevant departments.

The areas of research include:
  • Soil and Water Sciences
  • Field Crops Sciences
  • Animal Production Sciences
  • Horticultural Sciences
  • Forestry Sciences
  • Plant Protection Sciences
  • Basic Sciences

Scientific Research center Staff

  • Prof. Dr. Ahmed Salih Khalaf
  • Assist Prof. Dr. Cacer J. Abd
  • Hadar Sami
  • Zulaykha A. Abduljalil
  • Ala’a A. Muyaser
  • Hawar Mikael
  • Amina M. Hassan
  • Zeravan Arif Abdulla
  • Emad Anwar
  • Hojeen M. Abdulla
  • Abdul-Aziz K. Hassan
  • Kajeen Z. Abdulghafar
  • Dr. Raed A. Haleem
    Head of the Department of Plant Protection, (

Contact Information

Tel : +964 750 4996708