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The Cultural and Social Center

Director: Hishiar Saeed Abdi

About the Center
The Cultural and Social Center functions as the community space at the University of Dohuk. Established in 1994 and its building is used for a range of disparate activities.
The center aims to spread social and cultural aspirations by organizing different informative and creative activities, seeking to provide and enhance social relationships among the university staff, and taking part in social and cultural activities.

The Social centers luxurious building often hosts meetings, social gatherings, evening seminars, and sit-downs with foreign guests to the university.  It consists of a fitness hall with a wide variety of exercise equipment, sauna, and a hall for games such as billiards  and table tennis. The center includes a restaurant, elegant gardens, and playgrounds for children and seating areas for faculty and their families. 

The new cultural center has been pursued in accordance with modern techniques and will add a guest house for foreign visitors with special family suites and a swimming pool to the facilities already available.

Contact Information

University Campus - Malta
Tel:       00964 750 4508732