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Engineering Consultants Bureau

Director: Dr. Ali F. Hassan

Linked with the School of Engineering, the purpose of founding the Engineering Consultant's Bureau was to merge the local technical capacities of engineering studies, designs, quality control, and supervision into one institution.

While its main goal is to provide scientific advice, it also designs different university buildings and roads within the university campus. Furthermore, the bureau arranges computer courses for the engineering programs and supervises certain engineering projects.

Through the ECB, school offers consultancy services in feasibility studies, preliminary design recommendations, final design, preparation and presentation of tender documentation, tender evaluations, project supervision, project management and preparing contour maps for (some of the university buildings in Zahko village,and some companies, private firms and organizations).


  • Surveying the University campus
  • Designing tuniversity buildings
  • Designing Zakho water project
  • Preparation of inception report and feasibility study of Aqra water project

Representing consultant services for Duhok and Zakho water treatment plan.

With innovation in design and a tradition of excellence, ECB is committed to staying at the forefront of the construction and design industry.


The E.C.B. center offers various abilities of complete engineering consultation services & finds general solutions to improve urban projects by trying to overstepp all the difficulties which holds back the success of projects becoming reality,

The bureau working team consist of selected engineers of different specialities & planners who have long experimented in feasibility studyiies, in addition to a technical team for drawing & demonstration fields , quantity counting & cost estimation…etc.

The center could ascend the position of giving special consultation services to many governmental sides.

Contact Information

Dr. Ali F. Hassan
Director of the Engineering Consultants Bureau
Tel: +964 62 722 4346
eMail:ali.hassan @