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Kurdish Studies and Archives Center

Director: Prof. Abdulfatah A. Albotani

About the center
The Kurdish Studies and Archives Center is a cultural and scientific center established on April 22nd, 2006 at the University of Duhok. Its purpose is to preserve and develop both the Kurdish language and Kurdish culture by means of research work and seminars on Kurdish civilization . As one of its main concerns, the center is responsible for translating cultural documents on the Kurds into or from the Kurdish language in addition to publishing Kurdish articles and manuscripts on Kurdish history, traditions, economy, geography, and political systems.
 The center encourages writing, publishing, document preservation, and translation. Seminars, symposiums and relations with similar foreign centers are also arranged by the center. A specific library to collect and keep documents and manuscripts for use by the researchers is in the works.
The center contains two major departments:

- Studies and Research
- Archives
Objectives of the Center
- Doing research and scientific studies related to Kurdish as a nationality and Kurdistan as a homeland in the fields of history, geography, religion, natural and economic resources and finally, political and international relations.

 - Encouraging writing, printing, publishing and translating within the proficiency of the center in order to provide scientific sources in this area and to correct what has been published from incorrect sources.

 - Working on the dissemination of science and knowledge by means of seminars, courses l on  university, region, country and international llevels

 - Establishing scientific and cultural relations with similar centers in the country and abroad, through correspondence and mutual visits and  by attracting specialized staff to work in the center to achieve its goals.

 - Establishing a library and collecting documents and manuscripts, indexing and saving them to ensure preservation and access for the purposes of research and scientific investigations.

 - Commencing higher studies in the center's specialization according to the general conditions for postgraduate studies.
- The center has established a qualitative library.
- Documentation and compilation of Alta'akhi Newspaper, issued after April 9, 2003; and most of the periodicals issued in Kurdistan, especially in the Badinan region, after the uprising of March, 1991.
- Addressing the governmental directorates to archive their documents.
- The center has established cultural relations with many other centers and institutes outside the Kurdistan region.
- Offering general consultations and facilities for graduate students at the Universities of Mosul, Salahaddin, and Duhok.
- Organizing seminars that aim at educating the public on matters of Kurdish nationality and rights.

Contact Information

Duhok, behind the Baderkhaneen Library

 Tel:         7620005