Academic Calendar


2010-04-26 01:49:08

Academic Calendar

The academic year consists of two teaching terms, each 15 weeks long. The university year begins in October and ends in early June. The coursework for Master and Higher Diploma programs is generally confined to the teaching terms with study for dissertation normally being undertaken during the summer vacation. Study for research component of a higher degree is undertaken throughout the academic year. The provisional dates for the academic year are as follow:

  • Academic year commences: September 1
  • First term begins: September 20
  • First term examinations begin: January 31
  • Spring Break: March 11 to March 24
  • Second term begins: March 25
  • University Day: April 14
  • End of second term, beginning of final examinations: June 6
  • Graduation Day: June 29
  • Summer vacation begins: July 1

There might be a slight change in the calendar date for the academic year because of official holidays and other national days; however, the academic year will start on the first Saturday of September. In addition to the dates given above, certain national celebrations are treated as holidays in the academic calendar, including Newroz, New Year, Ramadan Eid and Ed'a Eid.